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Francesc Tort comments a controversial issue about Santa Maria del Mar:

At my initiative, with the support of outstanding parishioners, it was arranged that Santa Maria del Mar kept in a stained glass the perennial memory of the Olympic Games. The design was offered to the outstanding artist Jose Fernandez Castillo. The district and the Pastoral Council, with the collaboration of Mr. Basagoda, decided that the chapel with the new stained glass had to be related to the origins of Santa Maria del Mar: Santa Eulalia ... Although the stained glass is now one of the most photographed, when I ceased to act as parish priest it was forgotten ... Since then, a business oriented vision of the church began: a 80% reduction of worship, the creation of the "Concerts a Barcelona"... They even destroyed the Sacristy in benefit of the "services" of the concert hall ... Now they are talking about placing there the base of the projected elevator in order to facilitate the visitors' climb to the rooftops of the Basilica. To this end: Great waste of money to construct walkways illuminated at night. They even replaced the perfect interior lighting of the Basilica, now with thousands of lights, in order to illuminate the "Great Cross" ... All the illumination thanks to the generous donation of the "Endesa Foundation", requested by a friend of the electricians ... The Chapel of the Santísimo of 1842, which I completely restored, now is almost without cult and it’s in danger ...... The circus and waste continues with the "Great Cross Of Santa Maria del Mar "...: Reinforce the key back where it hangs. Before the last sleight of hand session: Several expensive tests were done with crosses of different materials... Until the last, apparently of bronze, inaugurated, on Palm Sunday, April 9, 2017. A pamphlet published for this purpose shows the will to trick with all this circus: In Santa Maria del Mar THERE WAS NEVER SUCH A CROSS. The text adduced on the Cross could be on any cross, even more for a cross of the poor and the faithful and not so much for the aforementioned Cross, built and located at great expense and deceit ... Dr. Francesc Tort Mitjans.

Here you can see the aforementioned pamphlet about the "Great Cross":

Margareth Thatcher, a special guest in Santa María del Mar (click here to see the full information)

A few days before Christmas, Scotland Yard asked us to speak with the priest of Santa Maria del Mar about the attendance of Mrs. Margareth Thatcher to the temple, 24th of December, 1994. We were told that the people who organized the visit to Barcelona asked for the temple in which the Midnight Mass was preetier and they were told that this one was Santa Maria del Mar. Then they prepared the visit for Mrs. Thatcher, her husband and their entourage. I was asked which site would be assigned because they wanted to prepare their security.

They suggested that the best place would be the presbytery and the proposal was acceded. Then the presbytery was the place where the Chapel of Music, the Escolania and the Escola Cantorum acted, and so it was not difficult to accede to the proposal. The priest informed Scotland Yard that he would appoint a lady who could inform and translate the celebration to Mrs. Thatcher, and this lady was Ms. Urchi Bequer.

Ms. Thatcher enjoyed the translation at the time of the homily and the whole mass. After the picture in which the rector of Santa Maria del Mar, Francesc Tort Mitjans, preaches the homily we translate it.
The number of people attending Mass, as it has been since 1986, was arround two thousand.

The news of Mrs. Thatcher's planned visit was not known in advance either at the city level or at the parish level, as it was agreed with the police. It must be said that, as seen in the last picture with Jesus Child, many glances, especially at the end of the Mass, were addressed to the former Prime Minister of England, who was at especially attentive and affectionate and spoke kind words to all the people who went to greet her.
Mrs. Thatcher finally signed with her husband in the book of illustrious visitors.

Personal comments by Dr. Francisco Tort Mitjans in light of his forced retirement. Click here to read